Apostle Tony Wade and Prophetess Felecia Wade are the founders and senior leaders of Divine Life Church. 
Apostle Tony Wade is a steadfast leader, an ambassador of faith, and a catalyst for transformation in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Alongside his esteemed wife, Prophetess Felecia Wade, he co-founded and serves as the senior leader of Divine Life Church, a haven where lives are touched, transformed, and souls find salvation.
Their spiritual journey commenced in 1992, embracing Jesus Christ as their guiding light and savior. Their lives since have been an unwavering testament to their dedication to a purpose-driven existence centered around Christ's teachings.
Answering the divine call to ministry in 1996, Apostle Tony Wade has stood as a stalwart pillar of spiritual guidance and unwavering commitment, serving shoulder to shoulder with his wife in their shared mission. Their union, blessed for over 30 years, stands as a testament to love, faith, and service to others. Their two cherished daughters, Tonecia and Soteria, embody the values of faith and compassion instilled by their parents.
His passion for nurturing the hearts and minds of youth led to co-founding Repairing the Breach Youth Outreach Ministry (RTB) in 2001. RTB stands as a sanctuary, empowering urban youth spiritually, socially, and academically, offering guidance and hope for a brighter tomorrow.
In response to a divine calling in 2005, Apostle Tony Wade established Divine Life Church, a sanctuary of transformation where thousands of souls have encountered salvation, transformation, and deliverance. From this vision emerged the Divine Life Worship and Training Center, birthing an army of equipped believers poised to impact the world for the Kingdom of God.
Apostle Tony Wade's global ministry footprint extends across continents. He has passionately preached the gospel in South Africa, Kenya, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and has trained pastors in India, igniting hearts with the flame of faith and compassion.
His dedication to philanthropy and service has garnered recognition, leading to induction into the Memphis and Shelby County Schools Alumni Hall of Fame, honoring his tireless efforts and contributions to the community.
Apostle Tony Wade's life resonates with unwavering faith, a passion for youth empowerment, and an unyielding commitment to spreading the gospel, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and souls across nations and communities.
Prophetess Felecia Wade stands as a dynamic and influential teacher of the Word of God, wielding a profound gift of intercession that blossomed early in her life and fully bloomed after her spiritual rebirth in July of 1992. Since 1996, she has been an integral part of the ministry, working alongside her husband, Apostle Tony Wade, in shepherding the Divine Life Church in Memphis, TN.
Her multifaceted passion encompasses guiding and empowering young ladies and women, illuminating their divine purpose and fostering a deep understanding of their intrinsic worth. Prophetess Felecia's commitment to empowering women extends to her literary works, including "Characteristics of Phenomenal Women," a powerful tool designed to infuse women with confidence and self-worth.
In addition to her dedication to women's empowerment, Prophetess Felecia is the vibrant co-host of the inspiring "Team Wade" podcast alongside her husband. This podcast serves as a beacon of hope and guidance, offering tools and insights for nurturing successful marriages and relationships, enriching the lives of countless couples.
Her literary contributions extend to "Memoirs of the Supernatural," a compelling memoir reflecting on the profound faithfulness of God in their lives. This heartfelt narrative encapsulates the divine journey they have embarked upon, serving as a testament to God's faithfulness in their ministry and personal lives.
Prophetess Felecia is also the esteemed host of the impactful "Effective Prayer Strategies" podcast, releasing new episodes weekly. This podcast serves as a vital resource, equipping listeners with invaluable tools and insights for cultivating a thriving and effective prayer life, empowering individuals to deepen their connection with God through the power of prayer.
Her unwavering dedication to prayer, her mission to activate intercessors globally, and her passion for empowering women, nurturing successful relationships, and fostering a vibrant prayer life exemplify her commitment to transformative ministry and spiritual elevation.

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