About Us:

The Ignite Tour is a dynamic after school outreach program dedicated to reaching the youth of Memphis, TN, with the transformative message of Jesus Christ. Through engaging activities like games, giveaways, and free food, we aim not only to connect with the youth but also to share the gospel and provide discipleship opportunities.

Our Mission:

To impact the youth of Memphis positively, 
leading to a decline in crime rates through the transformative power of the gospel.

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Support the Ignite Tour:

Your contributions make a significant difference! Help us continue reaching Memphis's youth by donating towards the Ignite Tour.
Every donation brings us one step closer to our goal of positively impacting lives.
Your donation will help us provide:

-Facility rental of the school building

-Giveaway prizes

-Food and supplies

-Busses and bus drivers to bus children from all over Memphis

-Grand Back-to-School Ignite Tour Event.
An extravaganza featuring games,
massive prizes, and fun activities.
We're inviting all schools we've toured for a day of celebration and inspiration.

Would you like to donate your services or donate prizes? Email us at admin@divinelifememphis.org

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Bring the Ignite Tour to your school! If you want us to visit and share the message of hope and transformation, fill out our inquiry form here. We'd love to connect with your students and be part of their journey.

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